Slider Reclose Bag with Easy Opening


Li Pack, think global, work local in resealable packaging innovations, introduces the new Slider-reclose technology for large format bags, the first slider zipper in China that adds convenience to large format bags, yet requires no alteration to the package design or construction.

The new slider enables a resealable closure on our large format laminated bags, which are popular choices for large format applications such as pet food, bulk wild bird seed and potting soil. Currently the only slider system available for woven pouches, we are glad to announce that large format bags from Li Pack makes the addition of consumer-preferred resealable closures an option for a variety of package styles and applications.

The technology is available for packages 1kg up to 20kg bags, providing the same consumer experience and seal integrity for any pouch size throughout each use.

Besides enhancing convenience, the new slider reclose technology for large format bags eliminates the need for consumers to transfer package contents into separate storage containers to keep them fresh and well-contained. Brand owners benefit from packaging that stays in front of the consumer throughout use, maximizing marketing impact.

“The introduction of the newest reclose technology in our laminate family underscores Li Pack commitment to developing new innovations that help brand owners add value beyond the product itself,” “This technology was developed to bring your brand faster and farther.

Ideal for pet, bird feed, and lawn and garden applications, the slider is ergonomically designed to easily glide the package open and closed for consumers of all ages.

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