4 kg fish feed Quad Seal zipper Bag


4Quad Seal Zipper Bag for fish feed packaging.

1) Light-Weight
2) Barrier Bag
3) Pattern Matte Varnishing
4) Zipper Reclose

1) The package offers benefits from a sustainability perspective, with 30% less material required and reduced shipping weights. And once the product is consumed, there is 30% less disposable waste potentially going to landfills.

2) Combine of different substrates to obtain high-barrier structures that protect the product for added shelf life.

3) Rotogravure printing in 7 colors plus one decks of matte varnish.This patterned varnish used to provide a two-tone look of shiny areas to contrast to the matte areas.The eye-catching bag with patterned matte varnish on the "words" and "fish" logo to create an outbreak 3-D graphic.

4) Built-in Zipper Reclose and the side gussets are terminated below the pouch opening, allowing clean zipper placement across the top of the pouch. Tear notches provide easy-opening convenience for consumers.

Display qualities of a fiberboard carton and the cubic dimensions for easy loading into cartons and cases. The Quad Seal pouch format serves to billboard the product and give it excellent shelf presence.

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