Corner Spouted Pouch


Whether you are marketing a liquid or powdered product, you now have a cost effective alternative to rigid containers. The many different spouts available allow Peel to match your product with the perfect dispensing method, while incorporating the same levels of child resistance and tamper evidence required in today's retail environment.

By incorporating the dispenser into the primary package, brand owners further benefit from repeated exposures to their message at every use.

Many communities are implementing tougher recycling legislation and levies directed at brand owners. The FlexiSpout allows you to reduce the amount of packaging materials without sacrificing consumer convenience.

Some of the other key cost reduction opportunities associated with the FlexiSpout are:

  • Reduction in transportation costs of both empty and filled packages vs. rigid containers. The typical volume savings is 20-to-1.
  • Reduction in the costs of warehouse space required to store empty packages.

The FlexiSpout also allows you to avoid the tooling costs associated with producing molds for plastics or glass containers.

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