Frozen pouch for Vodka


Description: 200ml stand-up pouch Vodka

A new generation of  alocholic beverage in earth-friendly, resealable 200-ml pouches. It feautred with easy-open flexible pouches that are constructed of foil that is mostly post-consumer recycled aluminium alloy, covered with a plastic layer.

The pouches take up significantly less space than traditional cans or bottles, and each pouch has a free-flow, tamper-resistant cap that can be resealed for extended storage the packaging incorporates a high-oxygen barrier film that preserves flavor for one year unopened, and up to three months after initial opening, when it has been resealed with the original cap. The drinks can be poured into other beverage receptacles or enjoyed straight from the pouch.

Compare to traditional cans or bottles, flexible pouches are lightweight  (10% if tge weight of a equivalent PET bottle) and have a compact profile, ideal for space-saving storage and shipment.

It is made primarily of recycled aluminium covered with a thin layer of poly. The pouches are 100% BPA-free and have excellent stand-up stability due to the strong film structure and the single gusset construction at the bottom of the pouch.

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