Beverage pouch with spout fitment


Spouted pouches present a type of alternative packaging concept. Hensen machine offer a new filling and capping machine for its line of beverages packaged in unique spouted pouches. It has the potential of filling up to 250 pouches/min. The pouches are made of polyester/foil/nylon/polyethylene and feature Smart Spout reclosable tops. The dispensing assembly which is hermetically sealed to the package structure consists of a polyethylene fitment with a no-spill spout incorporating a silicone valve topped by a tamper-evident polypropylene. Of course, there’s simply a membrane that prevents the liquid from coming out when you turn it over but when you squeeze it a stream of fluid comes out”. Pouches arrive from Li Pack Corp. suspended by the fitment neck from rails ready to be loaded directly into the Hensen machine. An operator feeds each rail onto a belt at one end of the Hensen machine. The rails with pouches suspended are conveyed to the feed station. One-by-one a starwheel grabs each pouch from the rail by the neck pushing an already filled pouch to a conveyor below. As soon as the pouch is filled the starwheel rotates the pouch to a capping mechanism that places the cap over the fitment and torques it down. Filled and capped pouches make one revolution around the turret and are dropped onto the conveyor to make room for a new empty pouch. It’s excellent truly state-of-the-art". “The principle of continuous motion filling for spouted pouches is cutting edge. Everything just fell in place. At the end of the day you will really did believe that this spouted pouch represented something truly significant for the beverage community and we wanted to be part of it.”

Compare to bottle, you squeeze the pouch you’ll get more than you ever could out of a bottle. Most of the juice pouches are not straw-inserted, which are without a straw that comes down.

Li Pack Corp provides you a one-stop-shop. We recognize that there is a ground swell in marketing groups and product development groups to explore this type of alternative packaging concept”

Reduced packaging
Our cap is HDPE and therefore 100% recyclable
Reduced transportation
Reduced warehouse requirements
Research & development efforts are currently underway to create an additive to make the film environmentally degradable

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