Spouted Pouch for baby food


The Rise of the Pouch

After many years of forecasts and discussion, those predictions of pouches replacing rigid alternatives for consumer products have come true. True or not?

In this decade, we’ve witnessed many consumer brands either replacing or adding to its existing product lines with pouch alternatives, as they have come around to the light weight, convenience, portability and shelf appeal (and differentiation) that the pouch can add, versus some other packaging material. As a result, a larger deluge of pouches has come from startup and emerging companies elbowing their way into stores and making their larger, more-imposing brethren take notice. You name the category – baby food, caffeine sticks, beverages, cosmetics, ketchup, seafood, wine, soap, water and many more – and you will now find a pouch on your favorite grocer’s shelf.

Some estimates put annual pouch growth at close to double digits, far larger than in most every packaging format.

There’s always the chance that jars will break leaving the gooey contents everywhere inside, and juice cartons are subject to spills and leaks. That’s where your baby food brand can really stand out from the competition by using spouted stand up bags.
 Aside from the fact that this innovative packaging meets green standards for recycling, stand up pouches require little in the way of storage and are quite light to carry when compared to glass jars. The all-in-one package doesn’t require the use of scissors to open, and they can be resealed to keep food fresh.

Our baby food packaging stands up to keep soft and liquid foods from spilling, and the spout allows for easy pouring. Stand bags come in stock and plain versions for clients to apply their own label or choose our custom printed pouches to really bring attention to your baby food brand.

Key notes:

Reduced packaging
Our cap is HDPE and therefore 100% recyclable
Reduced transportation
Reduced warehouse requirements
Research & development efforts are currently underway to create an additive to make the film environmentally degradable

For further detail, please send us email tommy@lipackhk.com or info@lipackhk.com

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