Center Spouted Pouch for juice


The Rise of the Pouch

After many years of forecasts and discussion, those predictions of pouches replacing rigid alternatives for consumer products have come true. True or not?

In this decade, we’ve witnessed many consumer brands either replacing or adding to its existing product lines with pouch alternatives, as they have come around to the light weight, convenience, portability and shelf appeal (and differentiation) that the pouch can add, versus some other packaging material. As a result, a larger deluge of pouches has come from startup and emerging companies elbowing their way into stores and making their larger, more-imposing brethren take notice. You name the category – baby food, caffeine sticks, beverages, cosmetics, ketchup, seafood, wine, soap, water and many more – and you will now find a pouch on your favorite grocer’s shelf.

Some estimates put annual pouch growth at close to double digits, far larger than in most every packaging format.

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