Retort Pouch Ready to Eat Meal


Retort pouches represent a tremendous opportunity for flexible packaging to displace cans and bottles. Foods packaged in cans are often over-cooked during the canning process. A retort pouch provides all the protection while delivering a better-tasting product. In Europe and Asia, where retort pouches have been common for years, packagers love its portability and minimal storage requirements.

Retort pouch which also called as flexbile canned food packaging. It is labor reduction over canning, not some inherent feature of the pouch.Packed food can be retorted sterilization at 110℃ or 121℃ for 25 to 30 minutes. Retorted products can be standed in ambient condition, frozen is not need. Consumer friendly because it is ready to eat once the package is opened or reheat the whole packing for hot taking. Flexible packaging can be taken as the most effective way of cost saving because shipped weight can be highly reduced.

We able to make pouches in a variety of shapes will lead to an array of options for the consumer.".


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