Retort Pouch for Sauces and Ready Soap


Nowsaday, package from jars to stand-up pouches, flexible package used shaped pouch technology to maintain its sauces’ distinctive profile on the supermarket shelf, easing loyal customers’ transition to new packaging while novelty and luscious graphics draw new shoppers to its products. Echoing the contours of the sauce pouch, some of our sauce customers introduced pouched fresh pasta stored at ambient temperature, reducing handling costs and logistical challenges. Microwaveability, easy-opening laser scores and lightweight construction enhance consumer convenience.

Our reference shaped sauce pouch prove that it can present consumers with a highly appealing and functional package for heat-and-serve sauces and gravies. The shaped retortable pouch protects its contents with outstanding barrier properties, offers a cost-effective alternative to rigid packaging, and functions beautifully during the heating and serving process — adding to its appeal and its consumer convenience. The pouch is an outstanding example of how the power of packaging adds value to a product. High barrier material like AlOxPET or SiOx laminates offer high barrier properties of Oxygen and Water Vapor as like as foil, however it is microwaveable, it is the best material fulfill modern customer requests, "Fast", "Convenience", "Read to Eat"......


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