Retort Pouch


What is Retort pouch ?
It is a kind of pouch made by flexible laminate, can pack all kinds of food and can heat seal,  vacuum and can withstand high temperature for sterilization.

Why use sterilization ?
High temperature can kill nocuous micro-organism in the food or keep them inactive. So micro-organism will not spoil the content, and the food will have a longer shelf life.  According to FDA requirement, packed food with Ph over 4.6
must undergo a sterilization process at 121°C for 30 minutes. 

Application: Retort pouch is ideal for replacing canned food.
Typical applications include:  Meat, seafood, vegetable, rice, soup, sauce, nut, milk, fruit, juice, etc.

Light container(pouch), small volume. Compared with rigid can, pouch can save volume weight for transportation.
Pouches can be colorful up to 9 colors
Low cost for sterilization because of quick heat transfer. Heat is easily transferred to the content inside thus enjoy a shorter time for sterilization, and can keep better taste of the food.
Safety packing for opening.
Easy to carry, open. Apply to army, sailing, picnic.

Useful Structures:
Non-Transparent: PET/AL/RCPP, PET/AL/PA/RCPP

Pouch Style:
3-side flat bag, Shaped bag, Stand-up pouch. Not recommed pillow bag or side gusset bag.

We use retortable ink and adhesive such as Aromatic compounds adhesive which offer High level of heat resistance, Good initial bond strengthChemical resistance, Conforms to the composition requirements of FDA regulations

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