UK Pet Food Market Highlight
Source:PFMA 2010 annual report Date:11/26/2010

UK Pet Population
Do you know how many pet population in UK ?
In the UK today approximately 13 million households own a pet (excluding fish), that's most 1 in 2 households (47%).
Total number of pets owned in UK stands at around 24 million (excluding fish).

Do you know the percentage of households owning pets ?
Dog: 23% 
Cat: 19%, 
Rabbits: 3%

Do you know the population of high share of pets ?
Dogs: 8.3 million
Cats: 8.6 million
Small Animals: 2.7 million  (Including rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and rats)
Birds: 2.2 million  (Including caged, fowl & pigeons)
Othes: 1.9 million  (Including exotic pets, horses & insects)

The pet industry in the UK is continuing to grow steadily and is now worth over Eur 2 Billion -up in value by 10% from 2008.

The dog food market remained static in 2009 in volume terms, however the value of this market showed a much healthier growth of around 5% to over Eur 1 Billion.

The Cat Food Market in 2009 reversed its negative trent of previous years and a rise of 2% in the volume of product sold was witnessed to around 421,000 tones. As a result of continued innovation at the premium end of the market, the value grew by 10% to Eur 866 million.

The Small Animal pet food market (for rabbits, guinea pigs and rodents), small in comparison to the dog and cat market, showed growth in volume by 2% for the second year running.

The prepared dog food market is broken down as follows:
All wet food Eur 325 million (6% growth on 2008)
Dry complete Eur449 million (4% growth on 2008)
Mixers Eur 27million (-4% full on 2008)
Treats Eur 214million (5% growth on 2008)

Prepared cat food market
The prepared cat food is broken down as follows:
Wet Single serve food Eur 476 million (9% growth on 2008)
Wet multi-serve food Eur 158 million (5% growth on 2008)
Dry complete Eur 196 million (7% growth on 2008)
Treats Eur 36 million (58% growth on 2008)

Market trend of Dog Food Market:
1) Dry food will continue sell in larger volume than wet dog food
2) Premium dog food and treats volumes keep growing or the purchase of wet food for smaller dogs.
3) Consumers will become increasingly more concerned about the Provenance, sustainability and environmental impact of pet food manufacturing, pet food ingredients and pet food packaging.

Market trend of Cat Food Market:
1) Multi-Serve Cat Food to Single Serve product to continue as last year.
2) Dry food will continue to be resilient despite, although unjustified.

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