Pet Food Packaging
Source:Li Pack Corporation Date:11/25/2010

Pets have become an important members of the family and therefore pet owners fouse all the best for them. This push the high risen of demands on the pet food and pet care sector concerning packaging solutions and quality of packaging material. Nowadays, packaging is not only protect the contents and promote the brand, it needs to be functional in various aspects: good runability on the pet food manufacturers' machine as well as convenient and easy handling for the end user is of highest importance.

Li Pack offers a variety of packaging solutions for pet food and pet care industry, backed by in-depth techincal know-how and leading-edge research and production systems.

In general speaking, the pet food market is charcterised by wet & semi-moist and dry pet food. Our product portfoilio covers the full range of film and flexible packaging solutions from printing up to the converting of innovative and convenient pre-made pouch.

In wet & semi-moist pet food sector

we offer high-quality printed high-barrier laminates to converted packaging such as foil & foil free retortable and reclosable stand-up pouches.

For the dry pet food and pet care sector

We offer printed multilayer laminates, big capacity pre-made plastic bags, stand-up pouches, and reclosable plastic bags. All converted packaging solution are always offererd with a variety of features with regard to barrier properties, sustainability, precise printing and consumer functionalities like handles, easy opening and multi-closing.

Our laminates are available in all material combinations with high-class printing for optimal shelf apeal and brand presentation of your products. The main material substrates used are BOPET, PE, BOPP,CPP,BOPA as well as aluminium and metallised films. Depending on the requirements of the products by adding high barrier material such as SiOx and AlOx. Our printed laminates can be used for Horizontal and Vertical FFS applications as well as for flow wrapping. The convenient and reliable bag make sure that the contents stay fresh for a long time whilst preserving nutrients, taste and vitamins. 

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